miércoles, 9 de abril de 2008

Hyperion al cine

Bueno, pues parece que definitivamente se va a adaptar la fabulosa saga de Dan Simmons al cine, en la página web de Dan Simmons se confirma: www.dansimmons.com

" There have been a lot of recent rumors and queries regarding the status of the movie option on the four Hyperion novels. Dan recently gave this response to some of those queries – “Yes, Virginia, there is a Hyperion movie in the works. It has been optioned by a top-notch studio, is slated to be directed by a top-name director, and already has the involvement of a top-flight movie star. Screenwriters have been attached to the project and a first draft screenplay is expected soon.

The reason the details haven’t appeared here on this web site or elsewhere is that the studio and producers have the prerogative of announcing the deal before anyone else, and so far they haven’t chosen to do so, although the rumors of the option have appeared in print in various places.”

Para mi las dos primeras son las novelas más influyentes en el género en los 90.

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